Morning Coffee

The coffee is warm in my hands
It warms my soul

I had to say goodbye to you, but the coffee warms my hands

The morning sun is warm on my face
It warms my soul

I couldn’t save you from your own darkness, but the sun warms my face

The morning wind kisses my cheeks
It cools my desires

I tried to help yet you pushed away everything I offered, but the wind caresses my cheeks

The morning air fills my lungs.
It fills me with life

I tried to love you more than any other.  I wasn’t enough, but the cool air fills my life

The morning mist touches my body
It helps me to feel

I tried to show you goodness and light as often as I could, but the mist makes me feel

I have a warm soul
I have cooled my desires
I have a full life
I have felt in my life

I had to say goodbye to you.