I’m sitting here thinking

Thinking about you

Thinking about the short amount of time we’ve spent together
time that I’ve enjoyed

Thinking about your smile
your beautiful smile

Thinking about your eyes
your stellar eyes

Thinking about your lips
Your gorgeous lips

Thinking about the little things you’ve done
little things that mean so much to me.

Thinking about the moments we’ve shared
moments that have seemed like hours but have only been minutes

Thinking of how I look forward to seeing you
Thinking of how I look forward to talking with you
Thinking of how I look forward to getting to know you

In general, I’m just sitting here thinking about you.

The Kiss

Your soft mouth engulfs me

A shudder runs through my spine at your touch

You massage my tender flesh

Your dark eyes meet my gaze
Your kiss deepens

A tingle causes me to gasp at your touch

You run a hand over my burning figure

Your ruby lips tease my skin
Your kiss intensifies

A jolt of energy passes between us at your touch

You pull away from my body

Your gentle smile rips away from me
Your kiss vanishes

A content sigh escapes my mouth as you remove your touch