Book Series - A New World

A little blue world, the third planet from the sun. It's home to 7 billion people with all manner of faiths, beliefs and customs, divided by bigotry and misunderstanding, who will soon be told they are not alone in the universe. Anyone watching from the outside would pass by this fractured and tumultuous world, unless they had no other choice.

Todd Landon is one of these people, living and working in a section of the world called the United States of America. His life is similar to those around him: home, family, work, friends, and a husband.

Mirtoff Esmi is the first of her clan to be the Leader of the Nentraee. Her sole focus is to find them a home before their fleet of ships can no longer carry the last survivors of their dead world. With her brother, niece, and Faa (her companion animal) supporting her, she carries the weight of her world on her shoulders.

Mi’ko Soemu remembers the Nentraee home world for both its failures and its triumphs, which is why he holds the position of Vice-Speaker, supporting the efforts of the Nentraee Leader. He is father and husband first and will do what he needs to do to ensure his family and his fellow nentraee are safe and make it to a new world.

These three beings hold the weight of two civilizations in their hands. Will they be able to bridge the gap for both the Humans and Nentraee, amongst mistrust, terrorist attacks and personal loss? Will this be the start of a new age for both species or will bigotry and miscommunication bring these two peoples to their knees and final end?

Contact (Book 1) - Released January 21, 2019 click here for more information

AMAZING story of a First Contact situation. The characters grab you early on, and the story is a very captivating one. Unlike a lot of stories I have read with gay characters, this is not simply a framework for softcore porn. In fact, it is as far from that as it can get. Through all the events in this book, I stayed captivated, and am eager to read more about this great adventure!
— Goodreads Review
A New World – Contact is a great introduction to a new series and the world of aliens. It has enough action and suspense to keep you hooked from page one. The characters were all remarkable and I can’t wait to find out more about them and their new world.
— Amazon Review

Conviction (Book 2) - Released March 25, 2019 click here for more information

This was a great follow up to Contact. I loved seeing more of Todd and how he was dealing with his loss. I enjoyed learning about the alien culture of the Nentraee as the two peoples try and find common ground with the alliance. I was already hooked on this series after book one, with the amazing installment I seriously can’t wait to see what the next book has to offer.
— Goodreads Review
MD. Neu’s done it again with his latest release. Follow Todd Landon and various members of the Nentraee as they deal constant issues with merging Earth with an alien race. With an engaging plot and realistic characters, this story has something for everyone: love, passion, action, betrayal, just to name a few.
— Amazon Review

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